Who Will Win F1 (Formula 1) Budapest 2013 Race?

Well the race is yet to start and it is hard to say who is going to win the F1 Budapest Grand Prix especially when the track is 4+ kilometers of length and racers have to encircle 70 times for a total of 300+ kilometers of distance. It was last in 2004 when Michael Schumacher did his record on Budapest the best lap time of 1.19.071.

The racing ground is all set to ready after three consecutive practice sessions starting from July 26 and ending in the noon of July 27. The qualifying round ended yesterday and accordingly the main race will start today at 2 PM. Enthusiast crowds are flocking towards the track from Volanbusz Station and Megyeri street, Foti street and Bagaria street. The grueling hot Hungaroring Grand Prix have always demanded the racer to be lucky on top of posing exceptional driving skills. Last years champion Lewis Hamilton is still the best racer for this year especially his recent achievement with the Germany Grand Prix. The AMG Petronas driver from Mercedes Lewis Hamilton is looking to make it his back to back victory with the Hungaroring Grand Prix before the F1′s summer break. In his recent interview with the press Hamilton said he is lucky to have won the Hungaroring for last three years and he expressed his love for the circuit and the city.

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While Hamilton is having confidence with the Budapest F1 Championship the recent rating of racers that is the FIA 2013 World Driver’s Championship really has something different to say after the German championship. According to the FIA 2013′s rating the current stand is with Vettel Sebastian with 157 points followed by Fernando Alonso at 123 points and then Kimi Raikkonen at 116 points. Lewis Hamilton is at number 4 with 99 points. It seems a tough competition is set among the best four today. Place your bet with sbobet and receive a deposit bonus. Let us see who hits the mark. http://sbobet.bola55.asia

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Prepare Your Body Like a Cycling Pro

There are a lot of people who look at professional cyclists as cheaters. Despite all of the stories about using performance enhancing drugs and other techniques to allow them to do more with their body, it is still hard to deny that the cyclists are great athletes. The training regimen that they use to prepare for enduring and grueling races is something that other athletes could benefit from. Craig Upton, an athlete who used to play water polo and then was a professional cyclist believes that triathletes could learn from the training regimens that cyclists endure.

The key to success for the top cyclists is simple according to Upton. He knows that they train more than other athletes do to prepare. Triathletes often talk about overtraining before an event. They think that the body needs time to recover and that you need to make sure your give it the time needed to do that. Cyclists are not as worried about letting the body recovery as they push their training up a notch.

Another key to training that Upton talks about is the need to include strength and technique training. He suggests using two types of training for triathletes. The first one is borrowed from skiers. He notes that skiers will begin their workouts with strength training. The body is ready for this training and you are able to get the best results when you do this first. After you have finished this training, your tired body is than ready to work on endurance training.

Upton has adapted his method to work with cyclists. Hill climbing is used first to build the strength of the rider. Endurance rides will follow the tougher hill climbing rides.

Upton is convinced that the triathletes will improve their ability to compete if they work on the fast pace training and bringing up their cadence as they ride. The right workouts will allow the triathletes to accomplish this in the same way the cyclists do. This training will benefit all of the phases of the triathlon.

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